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More pictures from my past adventures. My first wine tasting ever was pretty shnazzzyy if I do say so myself. This place was amazing.

I’ve never been to a wine tasting, I felt super fancy.

Looking at these pictures makes me miss the warm heat! I don’t remember what summer is like, someone take me to somewhere warm, and remind me?

I plan to post some weddings in the coming weeks! keep those eyes peeled!



Okay, If you know me, you know I’m the one with my camera in hand all the time. But if you REALLY know me, you know that I absolutely suck and doing anything with those photos afterwards! Im not refereeing to my clients photos, I’m talking about my trips, or fun days that I spend with friends.

So! I have gone back into the archives of my photos, and found pictures that I love, from the many places that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

First up is San Diego.

Two summers ago, I spent time with my Aunt and Uncle in California. There was this major drought, so it was flipping hot. We cooled of at this beautiful beach.

Then we spend time exploring the town.


There’s definitely more where that came from! It’s minus 20 here at home, so looking at these pictures reminds me that the sun and heat will come… eventually.

Happy Friday!



Paige and Ryan had a beautiful summer engagement, but the star of this session was definitely Paul, their dog. We spent the evening at the Forks Market enjoying the sun. That quickly set and turned into a pretty backdrop for some pictures on the top of the car park!

Paige and I used to speak about our futures and what they would be like, and whoa! She surpassed all her dreams! Paige and Ryan, thank you for letting me document a small portion of such an important time in your life!!


Boudoir has got to be one of my favourite types of sessions to shoot. I could go off and list the reasons why, but I think what tops it off for me is how confident and beautiful clients feel once they see the photos. There’s something about getting in there, baring it all and just going with the flow.

My number one top tip for feeling the most confident at a boudoir session, is go out and buy something you love. If it’s a jersey bra and panty in baby pink, then go for it! If it’s a black lace set, then by all means! It can even be your partners favourite sweater, as long as your comfortable it will transfer into those pictures.

Another recordation is to pamper yourself. It’s not everyday a women buys lingerie and gets in front of a camera. If you booked a boudoir session, theres a reason! These pictures are treasured for a long time after, why not take some time and get your hair and make up done? The night before, have a long relaxing bath and enjoy some well deserved me time.

If you’re coming to one of my sessions, there is bound to be a glass of champagne ready for you, and a little champagne goes a long way when you’re in front of the camera. I always get giddy and excited whenever someone is interested in a boudoir shoot. It’s so much fun and worth all the nerves.