Insta-Summer! Hello Fall!

There’s nothing better than curling up with a book and a blanket and a cup of tea! I love love LOVE this season! Even though, curling up with a book means textbooks about education and learning. Oh! studying and reading… ALWAYS. A new season always calls for a reflection of the past one.

Summer was and always is amazing! Friends, bonfires, camping and eating!

1. Had a girls day out. Went to a cool place where you could paint anything from mugs to piggy banks. It was really cool! 2. Sister dates happened throughout all of summer. They are the absolute best <3. 3. Had the pleasure of going to my best friend’s graduation. So so SO sooo proud! 4. Summer was also a time for my sister and I to stay home with some beer and home made pizza. Im certain that this night we made 8 mini pizzas for ourselves. yummm was it ever good. 

hello_fall21.My friends and I went on a trip to Minneapolis for a week and a bit. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday there. They brought me 2 chocolate cakes in bed right at 12am. Best birthday yet! 2. In Minneapolis we got to go to Valley Fair, this was the carosel at night time, riding roller coasters was my favotire part.3.This is from the conference we went to while we were on our trip. Two words- Life Changing. 4. My boyfriend isn’t into the rides as much as I am, so he was happy to enjoy the sun at the water park and Valley Fair. 

1. More food! Avacados and boiled egg on toast is so good! 2. Summer was spent exploring! My boyfriend and I went downtown one day. This is a picture of him in the Exchange for the first time. 3. My little maddie. She came with me to many ultimate frisbee games, and practices. So cute. 4. EVEN MORE FOOD. Spent so many summer evenings outside with family and friends having yummy food and good conversation.

hello_fall41. Summer bonfires are the best. They always end up in deep conversations, AND SMORES! 2. I also made sure to take time to go out and spend time with nature. 3.Being out with the sweet air and listening to the water of the lake crash is calming. 4. Walks with Maddie.

hello_fall71. Beautiful wedding showers, and weddings!  2. This is the second year that I got to run color me rad! It’s such a fun time I get to spend with my friends. Can’t wait to do it again next year 🙂  3. Obviously summer was spent eating so many yummy salads.  4. Summer is the best time of year because I get to spend time with the most talented group of people and put on the most amazing show in this city. 

hello_fall81-2. One of the best parts of summer was going to the Katy Perry concert with my sister and a friend. We got to go FOR FREE. because we met Kacey Musgraves at a local restaurant. She gave us tickets to the concert and we were able to meet her again and thank her. It was one of the coolest days ever.  3. Cute picture I caught at Jenna Rea Cakes  4. Then september happened and then school started, and now where here.  

Happy fall friends!
<3 Jules


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