welcome here!

Hi! This is literally my about me page, copied and pasted! Here’s me in a nutshell!

I’m a world travelling twenty-something and a lover of Jesus. I’m a heavy coffee drinker and journal collector. I’m working towards an Education degree. I’m a dog lover, insta-grammer, water colour (wanna be) painter, netflix watcher and a picture taker.


I adore taking pictures, and one day I hope it will be more than a dream that I’m chasing. I hope to be able to share authentic stories through the pictures that I take with my camera.

Other things that keep my life nice and bright include anything that’s handmade. Christmas. My birthday, baking, sunny mornings and iced coffees. Writing in my journal, eating good food and my dog Maddie. Chocolate, fresh flowers, hosting parties and My boyfriend, Paolo.

If anything of these things speak to your heart, we’d get along great (unless it’s my boyfriend… we wont get along very well in that case).  If you’r interested, all pricing and collections will be sent via email! I’d love to tell your story with my camera so contact me and I’ll be in touch soon!

<3 Jules


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