Blake + Denie

Blake + Denie

Winter weddings. Something about the white snow makes its all so romantic. This was a dream to photograph. Denie and Blake are two of the coolest, funniest, most laid back people I know. The day was full of lots of laughing, and nothing is better than laughing is it? I loved so many things about this day, but I think the thing that topped it off, was that Paolo, my wonderful boyfriend had his own camera and was second shooting the whole time! We make the best team. hehe. Im biased. I know. Now… on to the pictures!

The ceremony was special. Blake and Denie had a wedding in Australia prior to this one. So this was there second one!


After the ceremony we heading to Assiniboine Park to take pictures. We were pumped cause the snow was perfect! Beautiful flakes made the pictures so romantic! And the best part was that it wasn’t -40 degrees celsius, like it is right now.


Denie’s mom made the bouquet. Hubby hubba.


Aren’t these the cutest little flower girls you’ve ever seen?


IMG_18832They had the reception in the church basement, that was transformed into an amazing rustic wintery scene. All carefully planned and executed by Denie’s mama!

This cake.. What a dream. My sister made this people. My sister is a star. I bet you’re jealous that your sister isn’t a professional baker. 😉



Blake and Denie, thank you for trusting me and allowing me and paolo to take pictures on your special day! It was so much fun, we enjoyed it a lot! Here’s a snapshot of the love these two have for each other, a perfect way to end.


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