My Baddd…

Okay, If you know me, you know I’m the one with my camera in hand all the time. But if you REALLY know me, you know that I absolutely suck and doing anything with those photos afterwards! Im not refereeing to my clients photos, I’m talking about my trips, or fun days that I spend with friends.

So! I have gone back into the archives of my photos, and found pictures that I love, from the many places that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

First up is San Diego.

Two summers ago, I spent time with my Aunt and Uncle in California. There was this major drought, so it was flipping hot. We cooled of at this beautiful beach.

Then we spend time exploring the town.


There’s definitely more where that came from! It’s minus 20 here at home, so looking at these pictures reminds me that the sun and heat will come… eventually.

Happy Friday!



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