I think this year is BY FAR the fastest year ever. It’s as if I blinked and summer came and went. Last year I had the absolute pleasure of going to the Jesus Culture conference with a bunch of people from my church. (Check that out here.) There I decided that I was going to apply to Bethel to attend WorshipU. Two weeks of intense classes about worship, singing, leading, stuff like that. I got accepted in January and began planning and preparing for the craziest adventure. Here I thought I was going to learn very practical things about church and worship at church. It was a week full of God speaking loud and clear into my very being.

None of the pictures are in any sort of order. But each one means a whole lot.

1. Prayer House. Open 24/7 to anyone who wants to sit, in the thick thick presence of the Holy Spirit. A beautiful place to quiet hearts. 2. This was at the end of the 2 week stretch of classes and intense heart mending. We decided to leave some lover letters on Jenn Johnsons truck. She read them, even posted them on instagram. This woman is beautiful, so beautiful inside and out. Her heart for people and the love she has with our maker is so contagious and very obvious. 3. Kris Vallaton’s pool. I guess you can get a cool pool when you write tons of amazing books on after the other. He and his wife opened their house to the students for a pool party. 4. This is the fountain right outside the prayer house. This picture was taken after a loooongg conversation with God. 

1. I love watermelons. 2. Praying for a lady that I have followed and admired for year and years. Crazy how God loves to bring everything full circle. He reminds us of things we’ve forgotten and awakens things that were always in us. 3. Ate a deeeelllicious dinner at some sushi place. Man. It was good. 4. Redding, California is one beautiful place. It’s FLIPPIN hot. But for a season I will call this home. One day. It was so easy to get lost in how amazing and creative God is when I was surrounded by scenery like this.

1. Every morning started off with a full worship set. It was amazing to start the day off declaring truth. 2. Redding is a hipsters paradise. Here’s a little hip coffee shop we were able to hang out at on our last day together. 3. Whisky town lake was the place to be to truly bask in what God created. We grabbed some ice cream and spent the night enjoying the sunset and the stillness of the water. 4. Faith. A beautiful women who became more then just a new friend on this trip. She carries around a sweet heart full of the love. Did you know people in Hong Kong don’t fill up gas on their own? She was super stoked she got to put the gas in this truck. hah!

1. This bagel, changed me. Thank you Starbucks. 2-3. Whiskytown Lake. This is view is something else. 4. Peace out California was what i was thinking when I took this picture. Left with a full suitcase, but an even fuller.. (is that a word?) brain, and an exploding, overfilled heart. 

Wow. Looking back at these pictures reminds me that this actually happened. Sometimes it feels like a wonderful beautiful dream. I am not the same person I was before that trip. But ill save that all for posts to come. Here’s to new adventures. <3